Crystal Coaching

Bringing the power of Crystals and NLP together.

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Crystals and NLP

Grow your business, reach your potential and stay in alignment with your seven main chakras. Have the business you dreamed of without sacrificing your well-being or balance.

The Benefits of Crystals and NLP

Crystal coaching is something people don’t know a lot about. It’s a process I have been excitedly building this last couple of months. As a trained crystal lover (and someone who loves reading cards – Oracle and Tarot) and a NLP Practitioner, I started thinking about how I could bring my passion to my NLP driven coaching to benefit my clients. None of what I do is new – it’s just never been put together.

With my NLP techniques, I help you get clear on your goals and steps to move forward. With my Crystal skills, I ensure you keep your Chakras in balance. It’s a complete service to keep your business, mind and well-being moving forward.


Provides clarity on your vision

Helps you become more self-aware

Gets you to the right answers

Focuses on you and you only

Takes you on a journey of self discovery

Ignores the beliefs of others


Provide you with overall balance

Help relieve anxiety and stress

Cleanse our energy fields

Enhance our mediation and me time

Help clear the mind and soul

Provide emotional cleansing and stabilisation

Crystal ball, crystal, healing, coaching, well being,


Grow your business.

Stay in alignment with your goals.

Maintain a health energy balance.


Go on your life journey and reach your destination feeling relax, recharged and ready for the next path.


Fancy something inspirational and free?

Poster Packs – Two PDF packs of inspirational posters for you to download and either print your favourite or save on your phone for when you need some inspiration. You also get the image versions for easy setting up on your phone.


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