Crystal Healing

My low-cost distance healing for boosting your balance and enhance your own healing rituals.

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Crystal Healing Membership

Sending healing no matter where you are in the world. From general cleansing and balancing, to specific healing support. Nothing is too small to heal.

How My Crystal Healing Membership Works

First of all, I just want to confirm that I am a qualified Crystal Healer Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and have completed the required Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology qualification (required for all therapists). I have also registered with three main Holistic Therapy Associations (IPHM, FDT, CThA) which means I have to meet their codes of conduct. One condition of them all is that I must be fully insured.

When you join my Crystal Healing membership, the first step is to complete a questionnaire. These are so I understand you as a person and your priorities or concerns. Without this, I cannot create a connection so the healing will not work. If you prefer to not answer some questions, that is fine but I do ask that you complete the mandatory questions. If you want to strengthen the connection, you can also send a photograph of yourself.

Once signed up, the healing starts. The last Saturday each month, I take out my box and complete a healing ritual for each individual member (not as a group). Each healing ritual will be based on balancing your chakras, however, you have the option to email me if you have something specific that month you would like some healing help for. You may request something specific as you have an exam coming up, or feeling really low on energy. It may be because you have just found out you are pregnant or going through treatment for infertility or health concerns. If you provide something for that month, the ritual will be changed and focused to where you need it.

Distance healing has to be accepted by the recipient. Because of this, I ask that the Sunday after the last Saturday in the month you mediate for around 10-15 minutes, focusing on drawing in the healing sent to you. Once signed up, I send some tips on how best to do this but there is a lot of ways to meditate these days so don’t think you have to do it my way.

Monthly Fee

£10 per month for the first 25

£15 per month after the first 25 people

Rate is fixed until you leave

Gift at 6 & 12 months

No minimum commitment.

One month notice, no questions cancellation.

Yearly Fee

£100 per annum for the first 25 people, then £150 per annum.

Equivalent of two months free.

Rate is fixed until you leave.

Gift when you sign up and at 9-months.

Notice given at 6, 4 and 2 weeks before auto-renew.

1-month notice for cancellation (to prevent auto-renew). 

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Optional Add-Ons For Crystal Healing

If you are like me, as well as your healing, you probably want a monthly card. Albeit inspirational, oracle or tarot, adding a card to your monthly healing can help provide guidance with the month ahead.

If this is something you are interested in, there are two options:

  • Fixed card each month – this means always a Tarot, Oracle or Inspirational Card from the same deck each month. The cost for this is either £3 per month or £30 per annum (depending on the membership type purchased).
  • A card handpicked by me using my intuition to select the most appropriate card from you for the month coming up. This requires me to make a connection, select the right card type then the appropriate card. The cost for this is either £6 per month or £60 per annum.

At the moment, this is the only card offering I have and is only available as part of my membership. This may change in the future depending on the depend.

My membership doesn’t have a Facebook or community. I believe healing and card readings are very personal and not something everyone wants to take about. However, if enough people in the membership request for a Facebook community to chat to each other, I will set one up and share the details.


Ready to Sign Up?

Drop your details here and you will be sent the questionnaire and payment link for your selected option within 48 hours. If you still have questions, head over to my contact page and ask away.

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